The View Tower

The highlight of the treetop walk is the 44 meter high tree tower, which is unique not only due to its delicate achitectural form, but also in the way it is constructed over and around three ancient, impressive and up to 38 meter high spruces and beech trees. The ramp winds its way up around the trees for over 500 meters and offers unusual insights into the life and development of the three giants.

From the trunks up over the tops of the crowns you can witness innumerable life forms, gaining a special view of mosses, insects, small animals and birds. Naturally, the tower is also wheelchair-accessible and its gradient of 2 - 6 % guarantees a comfortable ascent. Once you reach the 44 meter high platform, you are rewarded with a splendid view: the sea of the Bavarian and Bohemian forests spreads out past Lusen and Rachel over hundreds of kilometers. On clear days, the view even reaches as far as the northern flank of the Alps, stretching across the horizon from East to West.

Wheelchairs can access the tower up to the 40 meter high second platform, which offers a similar view. It is also possible to leave prams here, before climbing the remaining 4 meters by stairs. Architect: Josef Stöger, 94513 Schönberg,


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